Korean BBQ/ Karaoke



I decided to join the Kpop club to meet more people. And I went to eat some Korean BBQ for the first time. I admit I was afraid I might not like it, but it was better than expected. Now I cant hang out with my future kpop boyfriend >.<. It was pretty expensive $$$$, but at least they gave us a lot of meat and side dishes like soup, rice and kimchi. They warn us that our clothes may end up smelling like meat but nothing happened.

Outfit of that day

bbqimage (14) image (15)


The unnies clearly have experience doing this.image (16) image (17) image (18)


Afterwards we went to rock at a Korean Karaoke place. They have so many songs to pick, from Kpop to American pop music; they were also very updated ( I end up singing Block B’s Jackpot and Taeyang’s Ringa Linga). No one wanted to sing, so I end up with the mic in my hand almost always. I didn’t took so many pics from the place because I didn’t want to look like a tourist (even thou I am one). I was very excited beacuse they aren’t karaokes playing kpop in PR. I always had the highest scores!!!! Like a boss

image (2) image (3) imageI had a lot fun. I wish my best friends were with me. But is ok.




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