Licca-chan Doll Review

Licca chan is known as the Japanese Barbie. But she is 9 inches, Barbie is 12″. When I was kid I used to have many Barbie dolls  (about 50), but I never ever ever in my whole childhood felt identified with her. I wanted a doll that represent my style with her looks. Always wanted a Licca chan doll but I never knew her name.

Licca chan is one of the most inexpensive Japanese dolls. Blythe, Jenny and Pullip dolls are gloriously beautiful but super expensive. I will never spend $200 on a doll. Is just too much >.<

I purchase her at Amazon. The box was all busted, but at least it protected the doll.


 Sorry for the blurry picture


Ta da! Her hair was messy but is ok. It looks better than mine anyways.

Licca chan Review

Licca Chan doll

Licca chan doll

Next time, I will post about cheap alternatives for a doll house.

Bye Bye ♥


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2 Responses to Licca-chan Doll Review

  1. Eimear says:

    Aww,she’s cute! I never heard of this brand of doll before ^_^


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