Tips for a Cheap Doll House

As you may know, I bought a cute Licca chan. Only for one reason: To decorate a doll house. All because of this:

Photo by @misskika

Is too perfect and I needed one

Bedroom OOAK Diorama

I wish I could pay 300 for a comission  one of a kind room. But that is just too much $$$

Bimba Bambolina

Photo By Bimba Bambolina

DIY-ing  your ideal room is more fun and personal. I found this amazing vlog,: My Froggy Stuff. Easy recycleble ecofriendly dollhouses and accesories. I wanted to do it this way, but spending money on a cardboarad that may broke in my room was not convenient.

So, I found this cool idea.Is a greenhouse used to plant . I bought it from IKEA and is amazing it cost me $20 and is really easy to assemble.

Re-ment kitchen set-up in an Ikea greenhouse:) by 2smartminiatures #rement #miniature #dollhouse #Licca

photo by: Craft Patisserie

Fore more photos and ideas you can visit my pinterest:

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