Licca’s dollhouse is here!

I got my Socker Ikea Greenhouse, which is perfect to build your own doll house. It was cheap and the shipping was really fast. Check out previous posts about Licca doll and tips on cheap dollhouse

socker greenhouse w/ Licca

She is very excited

licca chan

Time to build it.

socker greenhouse IKEA

Ta Da! Finish product. It was really easy to assemble and I am so proud of doing it all by myself (*pats in the back)


I can’t wait to create the tiny furniture for her.

perfect doll house

Until next time!


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2 Responses to Licca’s dollhouse is here!

  1. Eimear says:

    I’ve seen that at the ikea stores! I love the mini versions of their furniture that they do for the dolls houses – chairs, bookcases, etc.

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    • lcveguilla says:

      I love the fact that it was design for plants but is perfect for a soll house. The mini furniture and accesories are the cutest thing ever ♥


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