Closet Recycle: Fur Coat Day #1


We are all the same. Everyday we wake up and go straight to the closet and scream “What the f@#& am I going to wear?” “Ugh, I have nothing to wear!” “I need more clothes.” WRONGGG!!! You have a lot of clothes. You have clothes in your closet, on your drawers, on your bed, under your bed, at the laundry, in the car… BUT, you get so overwhelmed of watching your clothes everyday you wish you could just throw it out and buy new one everyday. Unfortunately, clothes are not disposable (unless you are Paris Hilton). Either you spent good money to get it or someone else did it for you. And with the economy in crisis, you might want to hold closely what you own.

The real problem is not lack of clothes is a lack of the art of styling. Hear me out :You probably own a plain white t-shirt which you only pair it with jeans. But, I bet you didn’t know that that same t-shirt can be paired with a skirt, an overall, a cool vest or a dress (yes, a dress!).

We get tired of wearing the same things over and over again, but believe me when I say you do have enough clothes to mix and match. All you have to do is play dress up (like Barbie dolls, remember those days?).

So, in order to prove my theory I will pick one garment of my wardrobe and for a month is will make an outfit with only what I got in my closet .

For this month, I picked this faux fur jacket I bought at Amazon. (Never been used #guilty >.<) So, for this month I will try my best to wear it every single day.

Day 1

fur jacket + oversized gray sweater + black platforms + socks + statement necklace



Thanks for reading โ™ฅ

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s look.



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